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LiFePO4 Rechargeable Batteries

LiFePO4 rechargeable battery is a new type of Li-ion battery product. Compared with common lithium ion type and lithium polymer type products, the lithium iron phosphate cell features lower nominal voltage, which is 3.2V. However, it offers better safety, higher discharge rate and longer cycle life.

Our lithium iron phosphate rechargeable batteries offer many advantages, including
1. The consistency of slurry is ensured due to advanced slurry mixing process and process control, and strict rheology test method makes coated slurry consistent. The coating head and coating slurry temperature as well as coating environment are rigorously controlled to achieve uniform, steady coating density. The new eccentric injection upper and lower molds, together with reasonable process, ensure the conformity of cell electrolyte injection amount. These combine to guarantee the consistent performance of our lithium iron phosphate batteries.
2. Welded connection of rechargeable cell cover plate and extending handle, aluminum shell surface roughening, treatment of aluminum foil substrate, and multi-tab cell structural design all contribute to reduced internal resistance.
3. Strict machine material control and new machine structure effectively protect the products from contaminants brought from the machine. The dust collector for electrodes scraping, slitting and rolling processes as well as strict raw material control helps decrease the self discharge rate of the products.
4. Independently developed DC internal resistance matching program is adopted. The LiFePO4 cell lower cover plate made with new composite material reduces PACK pseudo soldering. CuNi assembly welding facilitates large current transmission, and connection with cell. The fixed design of bracket to cell makes the cell firmly fixed and facilitates heat dissipation. All of this ensures longer lifetime and higher reliability of the LiFePO4 rechargeable battery. In fact, the product ensures 8-year continuous power, and provides a life of 3000 cycles under 80% DOD.
5. Our rechargeable lithium iron phosphate battery offers high safety, eliminating explosion, fire or smoke.
6. It provides high dynamic property: 70C pulse power generation, 4000W/KG pulse discharge power.
7. Containing no lead or mercury, the product is environmentally friendly.

Our company provides both square and cylindrical lithium iron phosphate batteries. Fully automatic equipment, professional technicians, and strict production process control ensure consistent quality and dependable products. In addition, our rechargeable batteries come in a wide variety of models, and please refer to the PDF at the bottom for detailed model information.

Operation Instruction
Charging temperature: 0℃ -+45℃
Charge the cell at a constant current charge rate of 0.5C until 3.60V is attained, and then at a constant voltage of 3.60V until 0.01C. Charge rates higher than 1C are NOT recommended.
Use a constant current, constant voltage (CC/CV) LiFePO4 cell charge controller.
五人斗地主 Continuously charging the cell over a specified time shall be prevented.

Discharge: -20℃ - +60℃
Recommended cut-off voltage is 2.0V.
For maximum performance, discharge the cell in a temperature range of –20°C to + 60°C.

Storage Recommendations
If long period storage (more than 3 months) is needed, store the product at –10 - +20°C in a low humidity, no corrosive gas atmosphere.
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Standard Test Conditions
All tests stated in this Product Specification are conducted at temperature 23℃±2℃ and relative humidity less than 75%, unless otherwise specified.
五人斗地主 Standard Charge Method: The Standard Charge means when the ambient temperature is 23℃±2℃, charging the cell at a constant current of 0.5C until the voltage is 3.6V, and then charging at a constant voltage of 3.6V until its current is less than 0.01C.

Cycle Life
The cycle life of LiFePO4 rechargeable battery is not less than 2000 cycles (capacity retention ≥70%).
The cycle life shall be conducted as the following procedures:
Charge the product to end-of-charge voltage at a current of 1.0C, and then charge it at a constant voltage of 3.60V until the charge current is less than 0.01C, after that store it for 10min. Discharge the product to cut-off voltage at a constant current of 1C, after that, store it for 10min prior to next charge-discharge cycle. The cell shall be continuously charged and discharged for 2000 times.

五人斗地主Open Circuit Voltage: 3.2V - 3.4V during shipment.

Our products comply with UL, IEC 62133 and RoHS standards.

五人斗地主Our lithium iron phosphate battery is usually used for E-bikes, electric motorcycle, vehicles (EV/HEV/PHEV), energy storage, electronic tools, and UPS. It has also found wide applications in many other fields, like electric drills, lawn mowers, golf carts, electric stackers, electric wheelchairs, and remote control toys. As the product is nontoxic, it can be used in implantable medical devices.

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