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High Power Lithium Batteries

The high power lithium battery uses LiNiCoMnO2 as the positive electrode material. This material system enables the product to provide high rate discharge performance. In addition, the lithium rechargeable battery is more suitable for large battery packs made up of multiple single cells. It is great for electronic equipment working with high rate current.

五人斗地主Our energy power batteries are offered in many models. Customers can click on the PDF file at the bottom to see the model list.

Operation Instruction
Discharge temperature: -20℃ - +60℃
Charging temperature: -0℃ -+45℃
The product shall be stored in a 50% charged state.

Temperature range Duration Typ Capacity recovery
-20℃ - +80℃ 10 days 50%(expected)
-20℃ - +60℃ 1 month 75%(expected)
-20℃ - +45℃ 3 months 70%(expected)
-20℃ - +25℃ 1 year 80%(expected)

五人斗地主Do not store the product at fully charged state (4.20V) for a long period of time.

Standard Test Conditions
Test new cells of lithium batteries within one month after shipment from our factory and dry cells shall not be cycled over five times before the tests. Unless otherwise specified, all the tests should be done at an ambient temperature of 25℃±5℃ under humidity of 25% to 85%.

Cycle Life
The cycle life shall be conducted as the following procedures:
Step 1 charge the cell with the standard charge method
Step 2 discharge the cell at 525mA (0.5C) to 2.75V
Step 3 repeat Step 1 and Step 2 for 500 times
The rechargeable battery capacity after 300 cycles is expected to be not less than 80% of the rated capacity. The capacity after 500 cycles is expected to be equal to or more than 60% of the rated capacity.

Open Circuit Voltage: 3.6V - 4.1V during shipment.

Our high energy density lithium batteries are in adherence with standards such as UL, IEC 62133 and RoHS.

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