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NiCd Battery Packs (Power Type & High Temperature Type)

五人斗地主The NiCd battery is one of the earliest types of batteries. Generally, the nominal voltage of single battery is 1.25V, and the capacity is expressed in mAh. If the capacity of one battery is 500mAh, then it can provide a current of 500mA for one hour. Typically, an AA type product has a capacity of 450mA to 800 mA and offers a life of over 500 cycles under proper use.

It is well known that memory effect is observed in nickel cadmium battery. This effect causes our power storage batteries to hold less charge. If it is recharged after being partially discharged, the product will lose its maximum capacity and “remember” the smaller capacity. Therefore, please completely discharge it before recharge.

Nickel cadmium rechargeable battery packs have many applications. They can be used in emergency lights, Walkman, MP3, digital cameras, toys, language repeaters, etc.

Detailed Product Information
Part No. Voltage Capacity Description
KR1500SC-5S-S 6.0V 1500mAh 1. High temperature type, 5S1P, sub-C size, 6.0V 1500mAh, 5pcs stick configuration.
2. The NiCd battery pack is used for emergency light.
KR110SAA-3S-S 3.6V 110mAh 1. Power type, 3S1P, 1/3AA size, 3.6V 110mAh, 3pcs side by side in 2 rows
2. The product is wrapped by PVC shrinking tube.

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