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  • Lithium Ion Rechargeable Cells

    Our lithium ion rechargeable cells are manufactured in a square or cylindrical shape. The cylindrical ones are mainly intended for use in laptops. Our high capacity rechargeable cells are available in a variety of models, and please refer to the PDF at the bottom for detailed model information.

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  • Lithium Polymer Rechargeable Cells

    五人斗地主 With a wide selection of sizes, capacities and discharge rates, Li-polymer cells are processed to produce finished batteries for use in mobile phones, digital electronic products, tablet PCs, navigation systems, satellite positioning systems, model aircraft, electric tools, etc.

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  • LiFePO4 Rechargeable BatteriesThe consistency of slurry is ensured due to advanced slurry mixing process and process control, and strict rheology test method makes coated slurry consistent. The coating head and coating slurry temperature as well as coating environment are rigorously controlled to achieve uniform, steady coating density.
  • High Power Lithium Batteries

    The high power lithium battery uses LiNiCoMnO2 as the positive electrode material. This material system enables the product to provide high rate discharge performance. In addition, the lithium rechargeable battery is more suitable for large battery packs made up of multiple single cells.

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    1. Lithium Ion Battery PacksAs we know, lithium-ion battery presents many advantages over similar products. Compared with NiMh battery, it is 30% smaller and 50% lighter. In addition, its energy density is one to two times that of NiMh battery, and its operating voltage (3.6V) is three times that of NiCd or NiMh battery.
    1. Lithium Polymer Battery PacksLithium polymer batteries can be used in many applications, such as cell phones, notebooks, mobile DVDs, cameras, PDA, mini CD-ROM devices, handheld terminals, electric vehicles, portable GPS, intelligent robots, electric skateboard, toy cars, lawn mowers, cotton pickers, field exploration tools, to name a few.
    1. LiFePO4 Battery PacksThe LiFePO4 battery pack uses olivine-structure lithium iron phosphate as the anode material. It has high capacity, stable charge/discharge performance, and withstands extreme temperature, overcharge, overdischarge, as well as short circuit. The LiFePO4 battery is also very safe as it will not catch fire or explode under misuse conditions.
    1. High Power Lithium Battery PacksThe allowable nominal capacity error among all single batteries could be over 5%. This makes it possible for each single battery to be fully charged without causing over-voltage. The under-voltage protection effectively prevents single battery from being damaged due to over-discharge.
    1. NiMh Battery Packs

      Thanks to good resistance to high temperature, our nickel metal hydride battery can operate over a wide temperature range.
      With low internal resistance, it allows high or ultra-high rate discharge.
      There is little difference between products of the same type.

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    1. NiCd Battery PacksIt is well known that memory effect is observed in NiCd battery. This effect causes the product to hold less charge. If it is recharged after being partially discharged, the product will lose its maximum capacity and "remember" the smaller capacity. Therefore, please completely discharge it before recharge.
    1. Electric Bike Battery PacksThe electric bike battery pack offers many outstanding features, such as light weight, high capacity, large discharge current, good safety, high uniformity, and long cycle life. In fact, the life of the product achieves 300 to 1000 cycles. This means the battery pack can be used for 1 to 2 years, even 3 years under proper use.
  • Mobile Phone BatteriesAvailable in various models, our batteries can accommodate most mobile phones in today's market. Our company also continually introduces new battery models to the market, which can supply power to newly-developed mobile phones. If you do not find the product you need here, please consult with us.
  • Power Bank

    Our product makes charging convenient wherever you go. With a variety of connectors, our product can charge mobile phones of all models in the market. In addition, our external battery is also suitable for charging MP3, MP4, iPad, and other electronic products requiring a 5V input.

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  • Portable Solar Chargers

    五人斗地主 The solar panel has no built-in battery. It can be directly connected to devices for charging, or connected to USB universal charger or power bank to further charge all kind of devices, such as field head lamp, flashlight, camping lights, GPS, digital camera, smartphone, interphone, iPhone, iPod (mp3/mp4), etc.

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Lithium Ion Battery
The lithium ion battery is a kind of rechargeable battery in which lithium ions move between the negative electrode and positive electrode during charging and discharging. This is why the concept of rocking-chair battery comes into existence. The Li-ion battery is known for long cycle life, high energy density, and low self discharge. It is extensively used in various electronic products, including mobile phones, cameras, laptops, tablet PCs, navigators, GPS, and more. Another important application is new energy vehicle. Today nearly all auto companies are developing Li-ion battery powered new energy vehicles. In fact, some companies have already mass-produced hybrid and pure electric cars powered by lithium ion batteries.

The main construction of lithium ion rechargeable battery includes positive electrode, negative electrode, electrolyte, separator diaphragm, and other components.
The positive electrode is generally made from LiCoO2, LiNiO2, LiMn2O4, or Li(NiCoMn)O2. Due to good cycle performance and simple preparation, LiCoO2 is the most commonly used one. LiNiO2 is not widely used as a result of unstable property and difficult preparation. LiMn2O4 is a good material as it is cheap and easy to prepare. However, low energy density and rapid performance degradation under high temperature conditions greatly affects applications of this material. Li(NiCoMn)O2 is a conventional positive electrode material.
The common material for negative electrode is graphite, which contains natural graphite and manmade graphite.
The electrolyte is mainly a mixture of LiPF6, carbonic ester and some functional additives.
The separator diaphragm is usually made from porous organic membrane, mainly PE and PP. The preparation method is divided into dry type and wet type.
Other components include case, tags, etc.

The structure of rechargeable Li-ion battery is available in winding type and laminate type. The winding type is more popular. This type of rechargeable lithium battery is made by orderly placing positive electrode, separator, negative electrode, separator, and then winding them into a cylinder. For making lithium battery of laminate type, first pile positive electrode, separator, negative electrode, separator, positive electrode, etc., then weld together and draw forth all positive electrodes and all negative electrodes.

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