Shenzhen BAK Technology Co., Ltd.

Add.: No.1706 Tianan Cyber Times Town, Tianan Cyber Park, Chegongmiao, Futian, Shenzhen City, China
Tel.: +86-755-83475398

Renewable energy comes in small packages. BAK Technology puts convenience in the palm of your hands with energy accumulators such as LiFePO4 rechargeable batteries, lithium ion rechargeable cells, lithium polymer rechargeable cells, and power-type lithium batteries. Additionally, we offer power banks, solar chargers, and mobile phone batteries. As a Chinese manufacturer with dedicated OEM services, our company can provide custom made battery packs with specifications such as LiFePO4, lithium ion, lithium polymer, and NiMh/NiCd.

Pause and take a quick inventory of your personal items. How many of them require lithium batteries to operate? With BAK Technology, you can enjoy long lasting performance on portable platforms such as media players, audio players, and gaming devices. Trusted by professionals everywhere, our rechargeable battery cells can power a large assortment of consumer electronics including EVs, PDAs, mobile phones, laptop computers, and more.

五人斗地主BAK Technology operates out of Shenzhen and owns complete sets of testing instruments. These devices allow us to conduct more than 30 safety and performance tests. Select rechargeable battery products are CE, UL, and UN certified. Our conduct is in strict conformity with both the ISO9000 Quality Management System and the ISO14000 Environmental Management System.

五人斗地主Advanced research, development, and production facilities allow us to achieve bulk production while maintaining consistent quality standards. Prompt delivery is guaranteed. Our competitive pricing and sincere services have led to the successful expansion of a global marketing network. We now export our lithium rechargeable batteries to worldwide destinations including America, Canada, Europe, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, and Africa, among other countries and regions. In the course of development, we have cooperated with many internationally renowned companies.

五人斗地主With customer satisfaction as our utmost priority, we strive to bring innovation to a broader audience. Your interest in our high capacity rechargeable batteries and services is much appreciated. We look forward to your correspondence.

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